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Husband and wife duo run two-up across WA

Transporting anything from coffee to food, engines to mining machinery, Kane Vincenti says he’s loved trucks and everything about them from a young age.

The 28-year-old Perth-based truckie transports general freight to mine sites across Western Australia from behind the wheel of an impressive orange Kenworth T904 – with his wife Marjorie Piette by his side. “I run two-up with my wife. Since I started at this company, she’s been doing it with me. We love this life and love being on the road. And having my wife there definitely helps with the longer trips, you don’t get so lonely,” said Vincenti, who works for Morawa Downs Transport.

“My wife is actually French. We’re a very funny couple and enjoy everything we do in regards to trucking. Even on a bad day, we still manage to make it into a good, fun day. We really do work well together.”

Vincenti joined Morawa Downs Transport around 10 months ago. “My boss contracts to McMahon Burnett Transport, so I do that work. It’s always into mine sites. Most of the time, it’s toward Leonora, Laverton, Meekatharra and Kalgoorlie.”

Vincenti rates the Great Central Road as one of the toughest he gets along. “It’s horribly corrugated and rough,” he said.

With no prior background in trucking, Vincenti got his truck licence at 19 and progressed to his MC when he was 23. Prior to his current role, he did triple side tipper work into mine sites. Now you’ll find him towing B-doubles and B-triples.

While Vincenti admits the job is long hours and hard labour, he wouldn’t have it any other way. “Strapping, re-strapping, loading and unloading is hard in the summer heat. It can also be hard to find places to eat or find or shower. But I like being left alone and being left to myself and doing what I want to do. It’s helpful having my wife as an offsider too, especially in on a 40+ degree day. I can see myself doing this for a long time – I wouldn’t want to do anything else.”

When Vincenti chatted with Big Rigs, he was getting ready to head back on the road. “I don’t know where yet – it’s normally last minute and we head off in the afternoon,” he said.

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