Suspension that goes the extra mile

For Glen Cameron Group, reliability and aftersales service are paramount when it comes to its choice of suppliers – and Hendrickson continues to tick all the boxes.

The business started from humble beginnings in 1975, when Glen Cameron began his venture at the age of 22 with just one eight-tonne-tray truck. Still privately owned, Glen Cameron Group today runs a fleet of approximately 1200 trucks and trailers and is continually growing.

Just in February, the company expanded even further, cutting the ribbon on a new Sydney depot at Marsden Park. From the new site alone, 120 linehaul movements are set to take place each week.

Glen Cameron Group has been relying on Hendrickson for its suspension requirements for many years.

Over the past four years, every linehaul trailer coming into the fleet has been fitted with Hendrickson’s HXL7 Wheel End and INTRAAX suspension. Currently the business has another $12 million worth of equipment on order – including 20 new trailers that will feature the Hendrickson suspension package.

Greg Morris says the whole of life cost savings on each trailer fitted with the HXL7 Wheel End and INTRAAX suspension package is significant.

“Glen Cameron Group runs the HXL7 Wheel End and INTRAAX suspension package on the linehaul fleet as these guys do big kilometres annually, so we want suspension that we know if going to be reliable,” said national fleet manager at Glen Cameron Group, Greg Morris.

“We have been using the product for years, with 1.5 million kilometres on some of them – and they’ve been really good. We haven’t had any issues with them at all.”

Morris has done the sums and says the whole of life cost savings on each trailer fitted with the HXL7 Wheel End and INTRAAX suspension package is significant.

“At Cameron’s, all of our trailers get a ‘B’ service at 10,000 kilometres and a ‘C’ service at 100,000 kilometres. Instead of pulling the hubs off and repacking the bearings every 100,000 kilometres, we don’t have to do that with Hendrickson.”

And that equates to huge savings and drastically reduced downtime. “By using Hendrickson, when we do so our major trailer service at 100,000 kilometres, it now takes four hours instead of 16 hours.”

Morris adds that the levels of service offered by Hendrickson is second to none. “It’s all about the support that comes afterwards for us, and Hendrickson really looks after us. If we ever do have an issue, they are there to offer the support – and that’s what counts,” he said.

“While our fleet scale is significant, we are competing with the tier one players in this space where identifying savings like this is essential to managing our maintenance costs. It’s the sort of service that we rely on and count on – and it keeps us on the road.”

The HXL7 Wheel End and INTRAAX suspension package also comes with a five-year/1.2-million-kilometre wheel end warranty.

Hendrickson Australia also has a number of value-add products for fleets running linehaul or other applications, including ZMD Shockless Suspension, TIREMAAX PRO Tire Inflation system, CONNEX STEER, PRIMAXX, TOUGHLIFT and COMPOSILITE Steer Lift for trucks.

For further details please visit aus.hendrickson-intl.com or contact 03 8792 3600.

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