Resealing projects about to start in North Queensland


Several resealing projects are about get underway in North Queensland this month, advises the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR).

Crews will be onsite from Monday to Saturday between 6am and 6pm from March 16-26, weather and construction conditions permitting.

Works crews will progress from site to site as works are completed in each of the following locations:

  • Tully – Mission Beach Road: March 15 – between the Wet Tropics Boundary and East Feluga Road.
  • El Arish – Mission Beach Road: March 16 – various short sections between El Arish and Mission Beach.
  • Silkwood – Japoon Road: March 17-18 – Silkwood, between Walter Lever Estate Road and South Liverpool Creek Bridge and various short sections to Japoon.
  • Innisfail – Japoon Road: March 19 – between South Johnstone River Bridge and Spandley Road.
  • Bruce Highway (Ingham – Innisfail): March 21-26 – various sections north of Cardwell, near Kennedy, Silky Oak, Tully, Djarawong, Davidson, Silkwood, Liverpool Creek Bridge, Sandy Pocket and South Innisfail.

Timeframes may be subject to change depending on the program of works and
weather conditions.

The works will involve resealing the road surface to extend the life of the
road pavement and reduce the formation of potholes.

For the safety of road users and maintenance crews, changed traffic conditions will be in place including temporary speed limit reductions, and single lane operation under coordination of traffic controllers while the works are carried out.

Intermittent full closures of the road will be required at times to carry out the works. Road users can expect delays of up to 15-minute periods during the full closures. Road users should plan their journeys accordingly.

Variable Message Signs (VMS) will be in place on the approaches to the work site to ensure motorists are aware of the changed traffic conditions.

Changes in dates due to poor weather will be posted on the VMS.

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