Truckies sing praises of Caiguna Roadhouse on Nullarbor


Western Australia’s BP Caiguna Roadhouse is located on the Eyre Highway in Western Australia and sees around 200 trucks a week stop by.

It is the second stop east of Norseman on the journey across the Nullarbor Plain.

Several truckies had contacted Spy singing the praises of the roadhouse after which I phoned it and spoke to a staff member.

“Before the pandemic we used to get more than 500 trucks a week stopping here on average but these days it would be around 200. But when the borders open it can get up to 400. There is lots of parking and clean showers and we run a family orientated business with special treatment for our truckies,” he told Spy.

It opens between 6am and 8pm seven days a week. It’s expected to get back to being 24/7 soon.

“The truckies are from different states, with some from the NT and many from Queensland.

“The older fellows really enjoy the lamb’s fry and many of the other truckies love a T-bone. We give them big serves. And if they are going to pass here when we are closed they can ring us and I have the meal ready for them even if it is in the middle of the night,” the staff member added.

Manager Maureen O’Halloran has been there for five years and is one of the best known workers along with Rebecca Neale, who works at the counter.

The roadhouse employs eight people including chefs Michael Fernihough and Franklyn Wall.

The staff member added that a lot of truckies enjoy reading Big Rigs when they sit down for a meal.

“We get about 40 papers here and it is the most popular read with truckies. They love it,” he said.

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