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A welcome sight in the heat of summer

An Isuzu driven by Andrew Blackwell (pictured left) has been a welcome sight in Central Queensland over the summer months.

Blackwell works for ‘The Pool People’ at Yeppoon and gets around the region, repairing and installing new swimming pools.

With him was his offsider Corey Turner when Big Rigs saw them entering the parking around of the Comfort Inn Motel at Calliope early in the new year.

“We get around doing this and even have been as far away as Brisbane. The Isuzu is perfect for the job,” Blackwell said.

With temperatures soaring into the mid to late thirties and even the low forties in January and February, it is not surprising the lads were in high demand.

“The company also has other trucks which are used,” Turner said.

The company also services and cleans swimming pool and installs pumps, filters and chlorinators.

The lads said it was a pleasure to live at Yeppoon which has many waterways nearby as well as the ocean so they can partake in their favourite recreation of fishing.

“We have some luck catching snapper, jew and red emperor which are all good eating,” Turner added.

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