Tassie truckie charged twice in two days in NSW


Officers from Mittagong Highway Patrol in NSW have charged a 37-year-old Tasmanian truckie twice in two days with serious driving offences.

The driver first came to the attention of police on March 16 following a speed detection where it was discovered that his driver’s licence was disqualified until 2030.

Police also reported that the heavy vehicle he was driving was unregistered, he was not carrying his work diary and failed a roadside drug test. He was charged with these offences by the officers, says a report on the Facebook page of the Traffic and Highway Command – NSW Police.

Two days later Transport for NSW heavy vehicle inspectors notified police that a heavy vehicle had failed to stop as directed at the Marulan Heavy Vehicle Checking Station.

Highway Patrol officers were able to intercept the heavy vehicle which stopped just south of Marulan.

The driver was subjected to a roadside drug test which returned a positive indication for methamphetamine.

Officers also located a radar detector fitted to the heavy vehicle. An inspection of the heavy vehicle found that its speed limiter had been modified to 161km/h

Officer arrested the driver and he was conveyed to Goulburn Police Station and underwent further testing.

He was charged with driving whilst disqualified second-plus subsequent offence.

He was issued a penalty notice in relation to the radar detector and given strict bail conditions to not occupy the driver’s seat of a vehicle and to be of good behaviour.

Officers from Transport for NSW took action in relation to the tampering of the speed limiter, failing to stop when directed, not keeping a work diary and the vehicle was issued a major grounded defect notice.

Further charges are pending the laboratory analysis of the driver’s oral fluid sample, say police.

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