Isuzu partners with Gotcha4Life to promote mental fitness

In partnering with Gotcha4Life Foundation, Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) will provide the not-for-profit with a specially engineered Isuzu truck to help spread the message around mental fitness.

Gotcha4Life has a goal of zero suicides. It was founded in 2017 by radio personality Gus Worland and seeks to build mental fitness, create meaningful mateship, emotional muscle and social connection in Australia.

IAL was inspired to get involved with the foundation following an encounter with Worland.

“Gus recently spoke to our team and his message resonated with many people at IAL,” said IAL director and chief operating officer, Andrew Harbison.

“The last couple of years have highlighted the importance of mental fitness and the ability to acknowledge challenges, and this is particularly important in our industry which has been traditionally dominated by stoic men.

“We’ve been privileged to be successful in the market for many years, with one of our key aims supporting Isuzu’s very loyal customer base.

“While this has been focused on the operation of equipment in businesses, we also acknowledge the importance of supporting a healthy and thriving road transport industry in Australia – on and off the road.

“We’ve chosen the worthy cause of mental health and the Gotcha4Life mission to highlight and amplify, not only for our industry, but for the greater Isuzu family too, including our staff, dealerships and national network.”

The truck provided by IAL will be used by Gotcha4Life in a new campaign as it travels through Australia.

The truck is designed to act as a gathering point for programs and events, powered by the foundation throughout the year.

IAL sought Service Bodies Australia (SBA) to assist with the design and build of the truck.

A long-time IAL service partner, SBA manufactures the bodies featured on the Ready-to-Work Servicepack range of trucks.

SBA managing director JP Shelburn says the company is super excited to be part of the project.

“The mission of Gotcha4Life fits right alongside the way we do business and approach our culture of work,” commented Shelburn.

“When Isuzu Trucks first approached me regarding our involvement, I knew it was something we wanted to do.

“We are fitting industry-best components and equipment as part of this build and automotive electrical equipment manufacturer, Redarc, is providing the all-important electrical nervous system to keep it all powered,” he explained.

“The truck will feature a widescreen TV, soundbar, fridges, coffee machines, and the ubiquitous Aussie barbecue.

“We have relationships with the best industry equipment suppliers and we’re building a truck that will be a focal point for discussions at Gotcha4Life’s community events.”

Following the tour, the truck will be raffled off to one lucky winner, with all proceeds going towards achieving Gotcha4Life’s goals.

Worland explains, “Our mission is to improve mental fitness in Australia, and we want everyone to have a Gotcha4Life Mate – a go-to person that you can rely on and talk to about anything when times are tough, so no one has to worry alone.”

Gotcha4Life spreads its message through presentations, workshops and training designed to build mental fitness and social connection, delivered to key contact points in the community including sporting clubs, schools, community groups and workplaces.

“It’s a lived truth that prevention is better than cure and that’s what drives us to get those hard conversations started sooner, across the country,” Worland added.

IAL says that many drivers cite a lack of quality personal relationships, isolation, time away from friends and family and public perception surrounding truck drivers as a major source of stress in their day-to-day lives.

“We readily appreciate the fact that Isuzu Trucks have a line of communication to a large proportion of the road transport industry across the country,” said Harbison.

“With the expertise of Gotcha4Life we can leverage this to help spread the message of improving mental health and getting people to open up about the things that worry them.

“It’s a message we are passionate about promoting within our own ranks and will be taking full advantage of the resources provided by our partnership with Gotcha4Life this year.

“We want the wonderful, energetic people behind Isuzu at every level to know their health and wellbeing is a top priority for us.”

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