Pure Hydrogen to develop Australian first

Pure Hydrogen is set to build Australia’s first ever hydrogen fuelled garbage truck for domestic waste collection provider JJ’s Waste.

Pure Hydrogen will supply JJ’s Waste with a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Side-Lift RCV Truck. It will also deliver Emerald Hydrogen supply made from waste-to-hydrogen via its refuelling service.

The companies will undertake a trial program with the first vehicle to determine the effectiveness of the partnering arrangement.

The trial will commence later this year with the first truck based on the Gold Coast and set to hit the suburbs of south-east Queensland.

JJ’s Waste currently has over 2000 trucks in its fleet and if the trial is successful, there is potential for further hydrogen fuelled trucks to be added to reduce its carbon footprint.

National fleet manager of JJ’s Waste Owen Burton said, “Vehicle technology is rapidly changing and we want to be able to offer our council customers the latest in environmentally-friendly vehicle options whilst ensuring maximum safety and reliability for our drivers and the public.

“JJ’s Waste feel it is important to assist in the development of these technologies by partnering with companies such as Pure Hydrogen to conduct vehicle trials and we look forward to seeing the results later this year.”

Pure Hydrogen is an east coast clean energy company. It says the supply of affordable hydrogen and hydrogen fuel cell powered heavy commercial vehicles is a game-changer for the Australian trucking industry – adding that they are environmentally cleaner and quieter, as well as requiring less maintenance.

This is a mock-up of what the trial truck is likely to look like.

Fixed price fuel agreements can also be negotiated. Pure Hydrogen says that given the volatile and rising price of diesel, which is currently $1.94/litre based on the current Brisbane Terminal Gate Price, hydrogen should be regarded as a superior economic alternative at a fixed price to imported fuels and a way forward for a cleaner, greener fuel made here in Australia for a plethora of industries.

Managing director of Pure Hydrogen Scott Brown said, “We are delighted to be partnering with JJ’s Waste to build Australia’s first ever Hydrogen fuelled garbage truck. We believe this is the start of a new era for heavy commercial vehicles in Australia which will not only reduce and fix fuel costs but be cleaner and greener for the Australian environment. It will also reduce our reliance on imported diesel by replacing it with Hydrogen made in Australia.

“We see the business case for converting garbage trucks to hydrogen fuel cell trucks as very compelling and we are confident this trial will be a great success.”

As part of the Term Sheet signed, both parties will contribute to the trial for 12 months. JJ’s Waste may choose to keep the truck at the end of the trial – if that is the case, then it will be responsible for the truck and payments for it. If they choose not to take the truck at the end of the trial, Pure Hydrogen will use the truck with another potential customer.

Pure Hydrogen expects to contribute about $310,000 for the trial.

Pure Hydrogen has specified the component parts, including an existing truck glider for the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Side-Lift RCV Truck, and will order these parts and arrange for assembly with the glider. Pure Hydrogen intends to use H2X Global Limited, in which Pure Hydrogen is the major shareholder to assist in the assembly of the truck. Once installed, Pure Hydrogen will commence testing the truck internally before providing it to JJ’s Waste for the trial. Pure Hydrogen is responsible for providing the hydrogen for the trial and will use its existing service contractor for hydrogen delivery.

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