Trucks wanted for ANZAC Day hay run

As preparations ramp up for the upcoming ANZAC Day hay run to help flood-affected farmers in Northern NSW, Need For Feed is on the hunt for truckies who can help.

Since NSW and Queensland were hit by the devastating floods, the Need For Feed crew have been working in overdrive to get hay to where it’s needed most.

Along with two hay weekend hay runs in March, there have been numerous other deliveries being taken up by volunteers.

Among them was a load of 42 bales of silage delivered yesterday to a dairy farm at Coraki, NSW. Due to the floods, this farm lost 200 of its 600 cows, following the worst floods the farmers there have even seen in the 35 years they have lived there.

Elaine Trustum was also among the farmers in the Lismore area who received a delivery recently. It was brought up by Need For Feed volunteer truck driver Mark Tuckerman (pictured below).

She thanked Tuckerman on the Need For Feed Facebook page: “We were so grateful on your visit to us with hay, our cattle spent 2 days on the road, and 3 nights board and lodging on our only bit of land out, around our home, the only food they had was our veg/flower garden, they were starving when we were able to let them out, so they enjoyed the dry hay, I bet if they could talk, they would thank you also,” she wrote.

“We not only saved our 64 cows/calves, we had 20 heifers, 2 bulls Simmental and Angus , plus nearly 30 other cows that were washed from farms a few miles away, yes I was concerned as many of these other cattle were Brahmans, 114 head.. Mark and Need for Feed we thank you a million times.”

With so many farmers still doing it tough following the floods, Need For Feed has put a call out for help.

“The people and farmers of many of the areas we’re currently helping have already endured one of the worst droughts on record, then catastrophic fires, next the pandemic and now these devastating floods,” said Need For Feed organisers.

“This Anzac weekend we have the opportunity to make a real difference. It’s time to stand as one with our fellow country men and women who need our help.”

If you have a truck and trailer and would like to volunteer your time to take part in the ANZAC Day hay run, please click here to register.

If you would like to donate funds, which will go towards fuel costs, please click here.

For those interested in organising a fundraising event, details can be found here.

Or if you have hay you wish to donate, get in touch with the Need For Feed team here.

Farmers who have been affected by the floods and are in need of assistance, can also register to be on Need For Feed’s list of applications.

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