Upgrade the workshop pit for efficiency and safety

There’s a dilemma numerous workshops around Australia are currently facing: the pit. That hazardous hole in the floor has been the bane of many mechanics at some point – climbing in and out frequently to grab parts or tools; stretching or crouching to reach the undercarriage of the vehicle.

Is the pit worth keeping, or do you invest in one of the many hoists on the market now? Yes, hoist safety and Maximum Rated Capacity (MRC) has improved over the years and it has earned its merits in a number of unique workshop situations but it does comes with a new set of safety criteria and hazards.  

Evolving Workshop Technologies (EWT) has spent years and capital researching and developing a solution to convert the pit into a safer, highly valued and efficient piece of workshop equipment. Fitting an elevating work platform (EWP) to a workshop pit moves the mechanic, tool trolley and equipment to any height. A hand-held radio remote controls the hydraulic lifting platform while working and once finished, the platform is raised to floor level to roll off tools and equipment and then acts as a safety cover, increasing workshop floor space.

The hydraulic lifting system has a counter balance valve on the ram, preventing the platform from falling in the unlikely event of a hydraulic hose failure. Should the platform load exceed the MRC, the hydraulic system bypasses, allowing a controlled decline of the platform. Support cables have a break-test rated capacity to five times that of the platform MRC. Accidental activation of the platform is eliminated by utilising dual control circuitry. Rope tension switches activate in the event of any restriction sensed on the downward movement in instances where items are inadvertently left under the platform.  

Each elevating platform is custom designed to the individual workshop’s requirements. Platform standard thickness ranges from 125 – 230mm and can be built with a grated cover for wet pit operations or from steel plate. The load capacity of the standard platform is 900kg but this can be customised to a higher MRC if required. Accessories such as mobile steps, gearbox jack on trolleys and removable drive-over bridges are just a few of the possibilities to further enhance functionality of the platform.

EWT has also kept the system simple. Workshop staff can easily follow the quick maintenance schedule with no annual certified inspection required. Parts, if required, are non-specific so should be available locally.

Since 2007 the pit elevating platform offers the fastest access to a vehicle undercarriage and has earned its merits in many workshops across the nation with clients appreciating the improvement in comfort and proficiency for staff and as a cost-effective, long-term asset for the workshop owner.

For more information, please call 1300 554 171 or visit ewtplatforms.com.

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