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Quick-thinking truckies save ute driver from head-on collision

ute driver

This incident on the Golden Highway in NSW earlier today could have gone horribly wrong if it wasn’t for the driving skills of the two truckies involved.

While in a line of traffic merging on to Putty Road near Mount Thorley, a ute suddenly hooked out from behind a fully-loaded Freightliner, the driver hellbent on passing.

“That vehicle that went around me, he was in the line of traffic with me coming on to Putty Road, he wasn’t on the road I was merging on to in the flow of traffic,” said NSW owner-driver Julian Kilby who sent us this clip to highlight the dangers truckies face every day from reckless motorists.

“As I was merging, I observed him in my mirrors and he just comitted; he was going, going and going, he was not stopping for nobody.

“If it wasn’t for the actions of the Benedict bulk haulage driver and my observational ability to be situation aware, it could well and truly have ended up in a fatality due to the driver’s stupidity.

“Some drivers drive like every day is April Fool’s Day.

“It was just lucky there was no one next to the Benedict driver. He swerved and got over even harder than me. That lane next to him is a live lane and they all fly up.”

A concerned Kilby said he’s called NSW police and will pull over and show officers the footage as soon as he sees a highway patrol car during his run towing 42 tonne of food and condiments.

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