Routing made easier for truckies with new mapping tool

street map

Operators now have access to easier and more accurate route planning with the release of the NHVR’s next generation route planner.

Program director David Carlisle said the improved mapping tool was the next step towards the regulator delivering a nationally consistent, intelligent route planning platform for the heavy vehicle industry.

The new route planner incorporates design specifically for heavy vehicle travel, which will help operators plot more accurate heavy vehicle routes, minimise routing errors and reduce the time it takes to plan a journey, added Carlisle.

“Road data can be updated on the map in near real time, meaning operators won’t need to rely on notes, modifications or drawings to their permit applications,” he said.

“And the downloadable routing feature captures historic routing information for operators to use in their own spatial systems and view all approved routes on a single map.

“We know accurate and consistent route planning is essential for safe and productive operations, so this is great step towards making this process easier for industry.

“We’ll continue to work with operators, road managers and jurisdictions to make further improvements over the next twelve months, moving towards a single national network map that supports dynamic heavy vehicle networks.”

The Next Generation Route Planner is available now in the NHVR Portal.

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