Direct Couriers move ahead with 10 new UD Quons

Transport giant Direct Couriers has expanded its fleet with an order for 10 Quon prime movers from UD Trucks. 

With five Quons already delivered and the remaining five arriving soon, Direct Couriers is stepping up to the challenge of an ever-increasing demand for delivery of goods by road all over Australia.

“Our expansion over the past couple of years has been dramatic,” said managing director Barry Reichman.

“And to maintain our high level of service we urgently needed more vehicles on the road. We were in the market for ten new prime movers and UD Trucks made it easy for us to choose the Quon.”

When the company started back in 1983, Direct Couriers consisted of a few vans and cars that serviced advertising agencies around Sydney. 

Today the company has a fleet of more than 1200 drivers and vehicles, with more than 250 office staff in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Auckland in New Zealand.  

This astonishing growth looks set to continue and has resulted in the company diversifying as it expanded.

“We use everything from one-tonne vans right up to prime movers and that’s because we’re across a broad range of tasks: same-day metropolitan courier and taxi truck hire, e-commerce home delivery services, refrigerated transport and contract logistics,” said Reichman.

Direct Couriers is well placed to continue expansion, with UD Trucks along for the ride.

“We also run a linehaul service between Sydney and Melbourne.”

Such a diverse range of delivery tasks demands flexibility from the fleet, and the Quon is the ideal truck for many of these jobs.

“The Quon is very adaptable to multiple tasks which was a major requirement for us,” added Reichman.

“It also met our emission standards requirements and demonstrated excellent fuel efficiency, so it’s ticking all the boxes.” 

With service reliability as their main objective, Direct Couriers also took advantage of a UD Trucks Service Agreement to ensure the vehicles would always be ready for action.

“The service agreement means we don’t have to worry about maintenance and reliability, because UD Trucks handle everything,” said Reichman.  

“The agreement gives us zero downtime and predictable servicing costs, and best of all we can be certain that these Quons will be with us for many years to come and give us maximum value for money.”

With customers ranging from all the major players in the international freight forwarding industry, healthcare and medical industries along with major e-commerce players in the market place, Direct Couriers is well placed to continue its expansion, and Reichman expects UD Trucks to be along for the ride.

“UD Trucks were able to provide these vehicles when we needed them and have been great to work with, and we’re looking forward to buying many more vehicles from UD Trucks into the future.”

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