Easter travel restrictions for oversize loads

Over the Easter holiday period this long weekend, a number of restrictions will be in place that limit travel for Class 1 heavy vehicles (agricultural, oversize/overmass and special purpose vehicles) in some states and territories.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has put together a summary of the most common restrictions, however recommends operators also check their permits and relevant notices for what restrictions are applicable and confirm with their relevant state and territory road transport authority.


State-wide oversize travel curfews are imposed during public holiday periods across the state for Class 1 oversize heavy vehicles:

Details of the travel requirements during the 2022 Easter holiday period are outlined in the

National Class 1 Agricultural Vehicle and Combination Mass and Dimension Exemption Notice 2020 (No.1)

No travel is permitted on any state road from 8.30am on the first day of the public holiday to 11:59 pm on the final day of the public holiday period for any agricultural vehicle or combination operating under the Notice travelling in Zone 1:

  • wider than 2.5 and/or
  • longer than 22m.

Exceptions are in place for Class 1 load carrying vehicles transporting agricultural cotton, which are able to operate on certain roads. Details can be found here.

Western Australia

Curfew restrictions apply for Oversize Restricted Access Vehicles (RAVs) during the Easter period. Operators can refer to the permit operating conditions that are relevant to the particular vehicle that they wish to operate for full details on the curfews that apply to them.


In Queensland, no movement of an oversize vehicle or combination is permitted from Thursday April 14 (day before Easter weekend) to Tuesday April 19 (day after Easter weekend). A schedule of this Guide or a permit may vary this restriction.

Easter period travel restrictions in the state apply for the following notices:

  • Multi-State Class 1 Load Carrying Vehicles Dimension Exemption Notice
  • Multi-State Class 1 Load Carrying Vehicles Mass Exemption Notice
  • Queensland Class 1 Special Purpose Combination Mass Dimension Exemption Notice
  • Queensland Class 3 Heavy Vehicle (Indivisible Item) Dimension Exemption Notice

Agricultural vehicles and combinations are not permitted to travel on certain critical or major roads during Easter (Eligible cotton harvesters are exempt subject to certain conditions). Agricultural vehicles and combinations must be accompanied by at least one pilot vehicle extra to the requirements that would have normally applied.

South Australia

Travel is not be permitted during the Easter period for oversize loads that require a police escort.

Other states

There are no specific Easter travel restrictions in place for Victoria, Tasmania, Northern Territory or ACT.

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