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Good maintenance starts with Eaton lubricants

In promoting transmission component reliability and longevity, proper lubrication is the key to a sound and effective maintenance program. Without effective lubricants at proper levels and temperatures, remaining maintenance procedures will not keep components functional.

Synthetic lubricants have proven to be superior to petroleum products and represent opportunities to promote superior maintenance and bottom line operating performance while significantly extending component service life and reliability.

It is important to perform a daily pre-trip inspection of drivetrain components for lubricant leaks. Leaks should be brought to the attention of maintenance and immediate corrective action should be taken.

Extended drain synthetic lubricants offer superior thermal and oxidative stability for extended product performance and reliability. 

The superior performance characteristics of these lubricants enable component manufacturers to offer extended drain intervals and extended warranties. 

Added benefits include a more efficient drivetrain that translates into proven fuel economy savings over mineral based lubricants.

It is important to use the lubricants that are approved for the current specifications set forth by each component manufacturer. 

Look for the appropriate approval code on the container.

To identify approved lubricants – look for the ‘Eaton Approved Lubricant’ label on the container. 

Note: Use of Eaton Approved Lubricant logo is now mandatory.

The full list of approved lubricants and suppliers can be found at in the approved Lubricant Supplier Manual, TCMT0020. 

Benefits of using approved lubricants

Lubricants must meet rigorous test criteria set by the component manufacturer to ensure performance and long life. 

Approved lubricants are designed to work with the specific component. When improper or unapproved lubricant is used, several problems can occur.

Benefits of using approved lubricants:

• Oil formulation is tested per component manufacturer’s specifications

• Reduced wear on components such as gears and bearings

• Longer life by reducing operating temperatures

• Prevention of corrosion, especially when copper coolers are used

• Excellent cold temperature performance

• Maintain extended warranty coverage

Risks from not using approved lubricants are:

• Shortened bearing life

  Seal leakage

  Reduced fuel economy

 Shortened copper cooler life

  Loss of warranty coverage

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