New dashcams empower truckies to improve safety

Truck drivers are the backbone of our economy – they keep Australia moving, yet it’s a job fraught with danger. From fatigue and wild weather to unforeseen hazards, navigating the roads day in and day out is a difficult job. A recent study found that over 70 per cent of truckies had a near miss once per week on average. 

Given these statistics, the industry can’t afford to put safety on the back-burner: improving truck driver safety must be a priority, and advanced technology like the Smart Dashcam is making that a whole lot easier. The AI-powered devices are more than just a camera. They offer drivers a unique opportunity: the ability to take their safety, and ultimately their lives, into their own hands. 

Here’s how Smart Dashcams empower truckies to improve their own safety. 

Real-time alerts

Smart Dashcams combine the power of AI technology with telematics data and advanced onboard sensors to detect issues from both inside and outside the vehicle and alert drivers in real-time. These alerts are invaluable; truck drivers often travel long distances, making it more likely that they’ll miss or respond slowly to hazards as fatigue sets in. 

It essentially gives truckies a second pair of eyes. Though, unlike a human, the Smart Dashcam never blinks and never sleeps. It records and analyses 100 per cent of driving time, meaning drivers are never left to fend for themselves on the road. Its wide angle and low-light sensors capture the road surrounding the vehicle and any noteworthy activity inside the vehicle, such as distracted driving, excessive yawning, and other key metrics.  

Risky driving behaviours such as harsh braking and cornering, speeding, following distance, and traffic violations are caught early before becoming an issue. The device instantly provides audible warnings to drivers, giving them the chance to correct their driving immediately to improve safety without the need for outside intervention. 

Driver coaching 

The Smart Dashcam comes equipped with built-in scorecard and coaching features to create long-term, safe driving habits and build on an organisational culture of wellbeing. All events are recorded, including positive events where the driver has performed admirably, and they’re displayed on a visual dashboard. The board gives clear insight into how drivers are performing and improving based on safety and performance metrics. 

Through an app on their phone, truckies can view their events and watch their footage, along with their metrics. The app provides virtual feedback that drivers can review and use to improve their on-road habits. This system improves safe driving habits and gives truckies fair insight into their performance. 

If drivers need extra training to address key issues, companies can use the analytics and footage to invest in personalised individual training rather than relying on a generalised approach. As the Smart Dashcam can detect positive events and track improvements via the scorecard feature, it creates an opportunity for businesses to reward drivers with incentives for reaching safety targets. It’s a win-win for everyone; drivers can reduce their risk and give their families the peace of mind they deserve while being rewarded. 

More than just a camera

The Smart Dashcam is designed to be transparent and constructive: it’s a positive tool to create a culture of safety, and rather than just recording footage, it detects, analyses, and reports to deliver optimum value for drivers. 

It’s the helping hand truck drivers need when out on the road, and it has the very real ability to reduce incidents – and save truckie lives. 

For more information about Teletrac Navman’s AI Smart Dashcam, please click here.

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