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Balanced wheels save you money

As drivers and operators, fuel, tyres and wheel balancing costs will dominate your expenditure, but you can significantly impact on these costs with balanced wheels, particularly when they are continuously balanced with every turn of the wheel.  

Australia’s roads may be some of the longest, roughest and most unforgiving in the world; but they are not the only ones. 

Driver and operators from Africa, the Middle East, Argentina, the UK and New Zealand are needing to save fuel and prolong tyre life with the conditions they face too. Even European countries with magnificent autobahns want to get more life out of their tyres. 

Anyone holidaying and driving in Europe has seen many trucks fly past at huge speeds, but the wheels still all need to be working harmoniously.

So, whilst we created and tested Atlas Balance Rings here in our own wonderful country, we do share some characteristics with other countries too. We all know that gravel or unsealed roads heat up the tyres and cause damage to the sidewall or destroy the tyre. 

In Argentina, the dusty corrugations reminded me of our own outback roads, and the UK, New Zealand and Denmark all share some very steep windy roads, which will wear those tyres quickly. 

We are now sending Atlas Balance Rings all over the world; and fielding more and more enquiries as universally drivers and operators need to keep costs in check, and of course, they deserve a nicer ride too. 

Atlas Balance Rings have a liquid metal, which moves to positions along the ring to exactly offset any light and heavy spots.

Atlas Balance Rings have a liquid metal, which is free-moving within the ring. It moves to positions along the ring to exactly offset any light and heavy spots; thereby eliminating the vibration and creating equilibrium within the rotating mass. 

So, let’s look at the benefits, a proven 50 per cent more tyre life, up to 8 per cent savings on fuel, which is a big deal right now, and you’ll never have to balance your wheels again. 

Noel Harris from NFH Logistics in Ballarat is a believer.

“I just thought I would mention – 191,000 kilometres out of my steers. You could say they are well balanced! Thank you Simon!” he said.

“At Atlas Balance Rings we’ve researched and developed a product that fits all Euro, Asian and US trucks and buses,” said Simon McQuillan founder of Atlas Balance Company. 

“And looking towards an electric future, whether trucks are powered by diesel, solar, electric or green-waste, they will always need balanced wheels.

“To those operators who say, I just can’t afford to fit out all the wheels at once – I would suggest they look at other companies who order a set of rings each month and work their way through the fleet, so they are saving money from today onwards – with longer lasting tyres, and less fuel costs each succeeding month.

“It’s pretty simple really, Australian Made, Australian owned. Remember, it’s Atlas, it’s balanced!”

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