OzHelp launches 24/7 phone support

Suicide prevention organisation OzHelp will now provide 24/7 phone support to workers and their families in the transport/logistics and building/construction industries through a partnership with Trauma Centre Australia.

This will see Trauma Centre Australia offering afterhours phone support to OzHelp’s customers, which includes OzHelp’s 1300 number (1300 694 357), and its 1800 Health in Gear phone line (1800 464 327).

The partnership will also see the Trauma Centre Australia assist OzHelp’s customers with critical incident response and support in the workplace nationally.

OzHelp’s clinical director Emily Brown said, “For workers in these high risk, hard to reach industries, often the early hours of the morning can be most critical. As a leading suicide prevention organisation, it is important that we can offer tailored support options with trained professionals who understand the unique challenges these workers and their families are facing at any time.

“The Trauma Centre Australia have responded fantastically to meeting our needs and we are thrilled to be partnering with them.”

OzHelp explains that building and construction and road transport and logistics are some of the largest male dominated industries, with men making up 87.3 per cent and 97 per cent respectively.

Research shows that men working in these occupations are known to have higher rates of suicide, and lower rates of seeking help, highlighting the need to have tailored support available at all hours of the day.

Senior psychologist and CEO of Trauma Centre Australia, Peter Horton, has extensive experience in trauma and critical incident events with a specific understanding of the challenges facing workers in construction, road transport, and logistics.

“I believe in being responsive to those in need and acting with integrity, confidentiality, and respect. OzHelp’s initiative is crucial to addressing the significant gap in a vital area of the Australian workforce,” Horton said.

For more information about OzHelp’s workplace health checks, mental health training, or support services, click here.

Transport and logistics workers and their families can access mental health and wellbeing resources and support through OzHelp’s Health in Gear program. The program includes access to free counselling and 24/7 phone support by calling 1800 464 327.

For more information about Health in Gear’s support services, roadside health checks, self-help resources, and ‘Share The Load’ podcast, click here.

OzHelp is a provider of workplace wellbeing programs specialising in mental health and suicide prevention. Accredited under the National Standards for Mental Health Services, OzHelp has been selected by the Federal Department of Health to deliver the National Suicide Prevention Leadership Strategy.

Health in Gear’s 24/7 phone support is funded by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative, supported by the Federal Government.

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