“Complex and inconsistent”: Sydney’s toll road system to be reviewed

northconnex tunnel in Sydney

Those using Sydney’s toll roads are being slugged with huge costs which continue to rise – and now the city’s pricey toll roads will be the focus of a major review.

The review, which has been tabled by the NSW state government, will look at pricing inconsistencies, cost-of-living impacts, fairness and equality for road users, and congestion impacts.

The Treasury document that revealed the review would take place, stated that pricing structure has evolved on a case by case basis, resulting in inconsistencies and customer confusion.

“The Government has finally realised what every driver knows – that the cost of tolls are going through the roof,” said NSW Shadow Minister for Roads, John Graham.

“Sydney, the most tolled city in the world, is home to more than half of this country’s tollways. Households in Sydney’s west are burdened with the highest tolls with the costs continuing to increase.

“Seventeen of the 20 top toll-paying suburbs are in Sydney’s west, in some cases paying $6000 a year. That is simply too high for most people to afford.”

The NSW opposition has also called for signs to be installed at specific toll roads to inform drivers of how much a trip will cost and how much time they will save by using the road.

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