Truck stop puts new parking system into play

With the support of the local council, a busy service station in Melbourne’s north has put a new system into play to help ensure interstate truckies have somewhere to park and rest for the night.

BP Epping has implemented new parking restrictions this month, in conjunction with Whittlesea City Council.

This follows ongoing issues with local trucks parking up and leaving for the night, meaning interstate drivers were often left with nowhere to stop.

The new parking restrictions came into force on Monday April 11. Now, the entire site features 2-hour parking, with long haul drivers able to register their need for a longer break with the customer service representative on duty.

“BP is happy to have worked closely with the Whittlesea City Council to implement parking restrictions at BP Epping earlier this month,” said a spokesperson for BP.

“The parking restrictions, supported by 24/7 council patrols, will help ensure there are reliable parking places available for Australia’s interstate truck drivers to rest.

“BP will review the changes after an eight-week period and look to apply learnings to other sites across the country, where possible.”

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