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“Enjoying life as a truck driver”

Nathan Milosevic followed his father Michael to become a truck driver and is happy he did.

The 39-year-old is based in Brisbane and works for Mackay’s Furniture. Big Rigs saw him delivering to Townsville recently.

“I usually do either two trips a week to Rockhampton or one further up the coast to Townsville and I am really enjoying life as a truck driver,” he said.

Not surprising as the Kenworth K200 he was driving had the luxury of an automatic gearbox.

“I wouldn’t want to ever go back to a manual gearbox. This is the first auto I’ve had and I can say I’m converted,” he said.

A driver since he was 18, the first truck Milosevic drove was a Transtar.

“Dad and mum had a trucking business at Ballina and I used to love going on trips with him,” he said.

The worst road Milosevic gets to travel on is the section of the Bruce Highway between Rockhampton and Mackay which includes the notorious Marlborough stretch.

As for rest areas, Milosevic reckons there is enough. “We just have to find the ones which suit our trips,” he said.

He nominated the Moorland Roadhouse in NSW as one he likes to stop at if he gets across the border down to ‘Mexico’.

“It has an old style kitchen which is good,” he said.

Milosevic said his surname is of Serbian descent and he proudly barracks for reigning premiers the Penrith Panthers in the NRL.

“I lived in Penrith for a while when I was younger,” he said.

This friendly driver has two sons, aged seven and 10, but doesn’t think they will follow him to be a truckie.

Milosevic also told us that the company he is employed by is great. “I work for a small company run by their family members and life couldn’t be better,” he said.

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