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‘How the f**k did that not happen?’: truckie’s close call near Taree


All Queensland truckie Jarrod Bligh had time to do was brace for what looked like an inevitable impact.

One moment he was minding his own business enroute south to Sydney from Brisbane with a full load of meat, the next an impatient motorist, hellbent on passing a truck through a stretch of roadworks, is in his lane heading straight towards him.

Bligh shared last night’s dramatic close call below, just north of Taree, on his Facebook page and with Big Rigs.

“I was fully loaded and just remember on sec thinking, ‘Wtf is this, nowhere to go, not stopping in time, here we go!” Bligh writes.

“Next second thinking, ‘No bang, no impact, no bits of car everywhere. How the fuck did that not happen’.

“I’ve seen these people’s faces clear as day, no idea what they were thinking.”

Bligh told Big Rigs that was the closest call he’s had as a driver.

He’s sent the video to police who were also tagged in to his original post, along with mainstream news outlets.

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