Dangerous sink hole an “accident waiting to happen”

For well over a month, a sink hole on a regional Gympie road frequented by numerous trucks each day has continued to deteriorate, with nothing but some paint to warn road users of the hazard.

Gunalda local Taylor Xavier says she’s made numerous attempts to contact the Gympie Regional Council and get the pothole on Scotchy Pocket Road fixed, but it seems to have gotten nowhere.

She says she originally contacted the council on April 14 – only after her sister-in-law had contacted the council on March 30 and gotten nowhere.

“I contacted council after numerous comments from neighbours about this road, advising me they have tried also. Council didn’t respond to me, nor did they come out, so I made a further report on the April 29, and phoned them, to which they said they have made it urgent. All they did was come out and spray paint over the markings that a local had previously put on the road and put some signs up. I have since made another report today,” Xavier said.

“It is progressively getting worse. I can see under the whole road. We have frequent trucks travelling this road, as well as cattle being mustered. It is an accident waiting to happen, with it being a single lane road.”

Xavier added that 10 or more trucks use the road daily. “Trucks go up and down this road everyday as everyone on this road is either a livestock, sugar cane or avocado farmer. The road is frequently being utilised by truck and dogs, that are going over that pothole.”

Big Rigs has contacted the Gympie Regional Council for comment.

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