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‘Scared the sh*t out of me’: Truckie’s heart-stopping dashcam clip

Fully loaded at 65 tonne and going down a steep hill, truckie Josh Ward got the fright of his life earlier this week.

He was travelling between Harden and Binalong, NSW, when an impatient motorist weaving in and out of trucks came far too close for comfort.

“I didn’t sorta see him until he had done the second truck and was coming up to the front truck. I instantly had to react as I was going down a steep hill. And I had no more room to go as the guard rail was at the front of me when I swerved back into my lane fully,” recalled a shaken Ward, who shared the clip below with Big Rigs.

“And to be fully honest, it scared the shit out of me as it was a family with kids in the back that I could see.”

In that split second, Ward immediately thought the worst. “I thought I’d killed a family when it all happened. It was definitely one of the closer encounters I’ve had,” he said.

As the footage shows, there were three trucks travelling in the opposite lane. “I was told later on by the son of the last truck driver, that he had caught the car by Harden and was right behind him. So the car driver done it for nothing really.”

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