Lights on for Stuart Baker: revered truckie honoured with convoy


Truckies are invited to take part in a special tribute convoy in Melbourne tomorrow for Stuart Baker, the widely-respected driver who died in a workplace accident on April 23, aged 59.

In a post on his company’s Facebook’s page, Baker’s long-time boss Craig Membrey asks that all trucks taking part arrive at Hallam & Bayswater Truck Centres on the Princes Highway in Hallam at 9am in preparation for a 10am departure.

From there, trucks make their way to Bunarong Memorial Park, along the route outlined below.

Baker’s service starts at 11.30am on May 11 at the Stratus & Cumulus Chapel. For those unable to attend, it will be livestreamed here,

“There is plenty of room down the back of Bunarong for parking,” adds Membrey.

“If anyone needs to wash their truck Tuesday afternoon/evening at the yard, please let Shannon or Aaron know.

“I’d like to say a big thank you to the Membrey’s Team for bringing the fleet up to Stuey’s shiny standards this week.”

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