Solution to the costly fuel shandy

Fuel shandies are the single most damaging mistake surrounding petroleum carriers or service station owners. 

It takes nothing but a lapse in concentration (or a refinery mistake) for a tanker driver to deliver the wrong fuel into an underground storage tank. Consequently, damaging all vehicles arriving to re-fuel, often the first sign of the costly error.

Midas is an electronic delivery elbow, solving this issue by identifying the fuel type before the load is dropped. 

Acting as a last line of defence during the delivery process and ensuring drivers will never make a mis-fuel mistake.

Berry’s Technologies, initially known for designing and manufacturing equipment for petrol forecourts, now find their way into the fuel transport industry, under Berry’s Global Innovations, with an innovative solution to petrol/diesel crossovers. 

When designing the Midas system, Berry’s managing director Jacque Williams made usability and maintenance an absolute necessity. 

The equipment required only stretches as far as the fuel hydrant itself and an RFID tag. It is, by some way, the most user friendly and cost-efficient system on the market.

Using specialist light sensors and an electronic valve, the Midas prevents disastrous petrol/diesel contamination.

With over 10 years of use and 8 million successful deliveries, the Midas is a certified solution to fuel delivery mix-ups. Carrying UL, ATEX and IECEx certifications, the system has been rigorously tested. Used in temperatures as high as 50 degrees in Oman and as low as -30 in Russia.

Although the in high demand mis-fuel prevention device has seen thousands of installations worldwide, covering the US to Eastern Europe, adapting to global fill variations has been a challenge.

Thankfully, Berry’s is no stranger to engineering bespoke petroleum equipment in the industry. 

“I just wish that every nation used the same fill style,” said Williams.

Berry’s now boasts five different Midas variants, the ‘Side clip’ being the latest addition, catering for Australian and New Zealand markets.

Melbourne based service station equipment supplier, Shipman King Pty Ltd, has a partnership with Berry’s that exceeds 12 years. 

It is also the distributor for the Midas system throughout Australia. 

With a vast amount of industry experience, operations manager Peter Saxon has helped identify a Midas solution down under.

“It was a pleasure working with Peter to develop this system. His knowledge in the market has helped us push this product out in a matter of months,” Williams added.

The Midas mis-fuel prevention elbow is connected to service station filling points. 

The driver will then calibrate the unit using an RFID tag, situated at the fill. This will tell the Midas to only allow that fuel type to be delivered.

Using specialist light sensors and an electronic valve, it prevents disastrous petrol/diesel contamination.

Multiple trials have taken place across the country as petroleum carriers look to secure their fleets from delivery errors. 

“Midas is here to offer that sense of security.  Not just to the haulier’s reputation or the managers, but the drivers as well. This system ensures they can operate risk free,” said Martin Berry, CEO of Berry’s.

Securing the transportation industry, settling petrol retailers and saving customers.

For enquiries, please contact sean@berrys.com, or sales@shipmanking.com.au.

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