Australia’s most ambitious hydrogen mobility project

Toll Group took a big step to lead the industry on sustainable transport recently with a new partnership with Viva Energy to launch Australia’s most ambitious hydrogen mobility project, which was announced in March. 

The pilot will see the development of Viva Energy Australia’s Hydrogen refuelling station in Geelong, Victoria. The station will be Australia’s first publicly accessible, dedicated heavy vehicle hydrogen refuelling station and is expected to commence operations in late 2023. 

Viva Energy’s new facility will also offer battery-electric vehicle recharging, bringing together zero-emission technologies to support Australia’s energy transition. 

Toll Group envisions that this project will be a catalyst for a network of hydrogen refuelling stations from Geelong to Sydney and onto Brisbane. 

“Toll Group is proud to lead the industry and partner with Viva Energy to develop the future of zero-emissions transport for heavy vehicles. Toll Group believes in the potential for hydrogen to deliver a carbon-free energy solution for the transport industry and this project is our first step on this journey,” said Thomas Knudsen, Toll Group’s managing director. 

“We’re grateful for the hydrogen vehicle funding support provided by the federal government through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and for the Victorian Government’s contribution to the project. Collaboration between government and industry is the best way to advance Australia’s renewable energy goals and for industry to reduce their carbon footprint.”

Toll’s increasing focus on hydrogen reflects a growing interest in the alternative fuel source within the industry.

Toll’s increasing focus on hydrogen reflects a growing interest in the alternative fuel source within the industry. 

On March 25, Toll participated in the launch of the ‘Hydrogen Highways’ initiative in Sydney, where New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland announced a landmark tri- state collaboration on a renewable hydrogen refuelling network for heavy transport and logistics along Australia’s eastern seaboard. 

The ‘Hydrogen Highways’ is a joint initiative with funding from the New South Wales and Victorian governments, and the strategic involvement of the Queensland government, to establish a hydrogen refuelling network for heavy transport on Australia’s busiest road freight routes. The project will enable the decarbonisation of the heavy transport industry while helping grow the hydrogen industry. 

Viva Energy Australia’s hydrogen refuelling station in Geelong will explore the capabilities and commercial viability of hydrogen-fuelled vehicles. 

Widespread adoption of hydrogen vehicles will generate economies of scale, cost reductions and significantly reduce the industry’s carbon footprint. 

For example, every 1000 litres of diesel consumed by a heavy vehicle produces 2.68 tons of carbon whereas every 1000 kilograms of hydrogen fuel, produces zero carbon emissions. 

The project is part of Toll’s broader sustainability strategy. 

“As a large transport business, Toll has a significant impact on the environment,” Knudsen added.

“We are working on a range of initiatives to decarbonise our business including investment in electric and hydrogen powered vehicles and increasing the efficiency of our current fleet. Outside of fleet, we’re installing solar power at our warehouses in Singapore and reducing waste at our sites worldwide.”

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