Fleetguard in a strong position to help recovery

Amid shortages and supply chain disruptions, Fleetguard remains in a strong position to contribute to Australia’s economic recovery.

Supply chain issues have been a topic that has dominated our headlines over the past several months, with the lingering effects of the Covid pandemic affecting everything from labour availability to production capacity to the traffic at global transport hubs. In addition, the Russia and Ukraine war has added further uncertainty surrounding commodities and other raw materials, contributing further strain and pressure to the global supply chain. 

However, primarily in the west, economies are roaring back, and industries are rebounding. Australia, for example, has seen a 5.1 per cent inflation rate, setting the scene for the government to increase interest rates to cool the economy. “It’s been really great to see industries across the country, specifically areas like trucking and logistics, all rebounding after the tough two years we’ve had,” said Fleetguard’s APAC general manager Daniel Gallagher. 

The Australian Performance of Construction Index (PCI), which measures the growth of the construction industry, with anything above 50 suggesting an expansion of the sector, found that the industry increased to 56.5 points in March. And this upward trend is only expected to continue. 

“Australia’s construction sector continued a run of expansion in March with activity, employment and new orders all gaining further ground,” explained Peter Burn, the head of policy at Ai Group.  

“Unless further disruptive factors intervene, it appears likely that current activity levels will continue over coming months although the capacity to lift activity in the face of the supply pressures is becoming increasingly challenging.”

Furthermore, during lockdown, Aussie consumers became more reliant on the transport industry than before. Although the economy is reopening, many have speculated that the change in consumption habits developed then are here to stay. Manufacturing, construction and mining activities are also witnessing an expansion despite the heightened economic ambiguity and geopolitical tensions. 

Supporting these industries and keeping them all flowing smoothly are Fleetguard filtration products and coolants – products that are not only heavily tested to exceed industry standards, such as the ATSM, but also manufactured within Australian borders. This positions the company to circumvent all the delays and shortage issues, dampening the growth witnessed across other industries and thus supporting Australia’s economic comeback.  

“Moving aspects of our manufacturing processes to Victoria in the 1990s was strategic to support market share, support our economy and minimise import risks,” Gallagher explained. “It has been a decision that has positioned Fleetguard to continue being the best in market to support our local businesses and our economy, especially during this phase of economic recovery.” 

Speaking on the possibilities ahead, Gallagher pointed to the market opportunities. “The activity in construction and mining is forecasted to increase and therefore the demand for our filtration and coolant products will only rise.”

And we have every intention of continuing to develop our products the way we always have, with our customer, their safety, productivity and their business in mind first.”

For more information about Fleetguard filtration and products, please visit fleetguard.com.au.

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