Stramit takes safe option with Glen Cameron Group Cascadia


A Freightliner Cascadia 116 has hit the highway for steel construction product supplier Stramit and its freight partner Glen Cameron Group.

It is the fifth Cascadia to join the stable at Glen Cameron Group, which prides itself on running the safest and most advanced equipment.

Safety and efficiency were at the heart of the decision to choose the Cascadia to run a range of Stramit steel products for its Fair Dinkum Builds and Taurean Door Systems brands between Melbourne and Sydney.

The Cascadia comes standard with a full suite of safety equipment including Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS), Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) and Electronic Stability Control (ESC).

It was also optioned with the Sideguard Assist system, which uses a radar to ‘see’ down the passenger side and alert the driver of moving people or objects in the truck’s blind spot.

Stramit sales and operations planning manager, Malcolm Thomas, said the advanced safety features of the Cascadia are a big plus.

“Safety is paramount to Stramit and it is critical to us that we select the safest trucks available, such as the Cascadia, and have them maintained to the high standards of the Glen Camerons Group fleet,” said Thomas.

“These trucks share the road with other motorists and we need to do everything we can to protect our own people and those around them with these advanced safety systems.”

He said the advanced driver assistance features of the Cascadia and the high comfort levels are also important.

“For a driver to really be safe they have to be comfortable, so we are pleased that Glen Cameron Group is investing in advanced and comfortable trucks such as the Cascadia.”

The fuel efficiency and lower emissions of the Cascadia and its 13-litre Detroit engine is also something that Stramit values.

“The Detroit engine meets the latest Green House Gas protocol 17 US standard, which even exceeds Euro 6 engine standards, which is important for us,” noted Thomas.

“Our parent company, Fletcher Building, has committed to a 30 per cent carbon emission reduction by 2030 and choosing clean trucks such as the Cascadia are a great way to reduce our supply chain emissions.”

Glen Cameron Group national fleet manager, Greg Morris, selected the 505hp 13-litre 116 Cascadia model with an integrated DT12 fully automated transmission, a 36-inch sleeper, ice pack cabin cooler and a bulbar with built-in LED lights.

“Fuel efficiency, driver comfort and the latest technology, including all of the safety features we have become accustomed to in our Mercedes-Benz Actros models over the years, were all part of the reason to choose Cascadia,” Morris said.

“The safety features in these trucks have progressed so much over the last five years.”

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