Need For Feed calls on the trucking community to lend a hand

Relentless rain and flooding has battered parts of Queensland and NSW over the past few months, taking its toll on many farmers – and Need For Feed has been doing all it can to help them get back on their feet.

Need For Feed is a Lions Club project which coordinates numerous hay runs throughout the year. It’s been supporting farmers in their times of need for the past 15 years.

In addition to its major hay runs this year, held on Australia Day weekend, Easter weekend and ANZAC weekend, the not-for-profit has had hay-filled trucks on the road most weeks, in its bid to try and keep up with the many requests for assistance.

But it’s not just hay that Need For Feed’s hay run heroes have been delivering. They’ve also brought along hampers, care packs and food for working dogs too.

“Ten weeks in since the first flood, the common theme is just how wet it still is. With winter fast approaching it really hasn’t dried out much at all. The flood waters have come and gone but it has continued raining enough for the paddocks to stay sodden,” said Need For Feed.

“Our farmers in the Northern Rivers region will need supporting until well into spring until they can grow their own feed. Many of those who have tried already have had the seed washed away in the second flood and subsequent heavy rains. We will be there to support them all for as long as they need.”

The next Need For Feed hay run into NSW’s Northern Rivers region will be on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, which falls on the second weekend of June.

If you have a truck or trailer and would like to take part, click here to register. Fuel for trucks, along with meals and some drinks are covered.

The Queen’s Birthday hay run will depart from Jugiong on Friday June 10.

Farmers in need of assistance can apply by clicking here. Or if you’d like to donate to the cause, please click here.

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