Supply chain efficiency remains critical


With global supply chain challenges still impacting various areas of the economy, the Australian Logistics Council (ALC) says the focus on supply chain efficiency, productivity and resilience remains critical.

“We congratulate Prime Minister Albanese and the Australian Labor Party on their election victory and we look forward to working with the new government in the interests of the end- to-end supply chain and the Australian economy,” said ALC CEO Brad Williams.

“During the last two years, the industry and government have collaborated closely to ensure we keep freight moving, and keep the nation supplied, fed and fuelled and we will continue that effort with the new government.”

During the election campaign, ALC outlined a number of priorities to achieve supply chain efficiency and safety, drive productivity and ensure reform to safeguard against future shocks:

  • A strategic approach to building our rail freight capacity and freight intermodals to help drive modal shift from road to rail.
  • An early review of the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy to incorporate pandemic and supply chain disruption learnings and re-focus planning and investment.
  • Assist industry with the journey to net zero emissions.
  • Building skills to help address current shortages and future needs.
  • Implementing a National Road User Charge to maintain infrastructure investment.

ALC also acknowledged the outgoing Coalition Government “for its leadership and support of the freight and logistics sector over the last parliamentary term”.

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