Truck manufacturer launches new podcast

Volvo Group Australia has launched a new podcast series that focuses on emerging technologies, covering everything from electromobility and autonomy to sustainability and alternate fuels.

The company says the series aims to help inform and engage anyone interested in the why, what and where of our mobility future.

Titled ‘Emerging Possibilities’, it’s hosted by Paul Illmer, vice president emerging technology; Tim Camilleri, e-mobility solutions manager; and Matt Wood, strategic projects and communications manager.

“We’re at an interesting time in history,” said Illmer. “On one hand we have a lot of converging technology in areas like engine development, safety systems and telematics. Then on the other hand we see an acceleration in demand for electromobility and alternatives to the traditional combustion engine. That demand for information around these emerging technologies doesn’t always keep up with supply.”

He continued, “Our aim with this series is to be as brand agnostic as we can be while exploring topics that may be of interest to those in the industry curious on what is coming and how best to prepare for it.

“And we feel the best way to do that is to hear from subject matter experts from around the industry not just from Volvo group internally.”

The 10-part series will aim to bust myths and tackle the big questions around zero emissions transport and automation.

“At Volvo group we often talk about shaping the world we want to live in,” added Illmer. “So helping to drive the emissions and sustainability conversation here in Australia is a very important part of that mission.

“Ultimately it’s about empowering people and arming them with the right information from the outset.”

To podcast can be accessed Apple, Google and Spotify.

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