WA roadhouse proves to be a popular stop

The Roebuck Plains Roadhouse in WA has been receiving excellent praise from many truckies Spy has spoken to.

It is located 33 kilometres from Broome on the junction of the Great Northern Highway and Broome Road, and has a restaurant, a pub, showers, other facilities for trucks and parking.

I glean this type of feedback from truckies during random weekly interviews.

Last week I spoke to the roadhouse owner by phone and he told me that lots of trucks stop there weekly.

I posed the question to him about why the Roebuck Plain was so popular with truckies.

“We try and put ourselves in their driver’s seats to see what they want. We get them from all over the place and we will be upgrading our facilities as well soon,” the owner said.

He added that big steaks were a favourite with truck drivers.

“We get a lot of people coming out here from Broome as well,” he said.

A truck driver named Phil told Big Rigs that the food there was value for money and he enjoyed the atmosphere when stopping off.

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