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Well, the election is over, and the Transport Women Australia Limited Conference is almost here. The first one will have an impact on our lives for the next few years, be it positive or negative but our aim is for the conference to have a positive effect, not only for the weekend but for the future, both personally and professionally.

As you know from my last few columns, we have an amazing line-up of speakers and sponsors, and we are incredibly grateful to them for giving up their time and money to support the association and our cause.

We will be highlighting our collaborations with Inspire the Future – Australia, Training Services NSW and Import Export TV. What we won’t show at the conference is the amazing programme we have just joined in Victoria, with Inspired By You, which has been started by the incredible Manvinder Randhawa and is a programme that is taken into schools to encourage young women to gain confidence and look to building a career where they will be independent and less vulnerable to domestic violence and other repressions.  

This is done through successful career women spending time telling stories about their career journey from school through to the present day. They’ll talk about how they got there, how your career journey is not necessarily a straight line, and that we learn from everything we do. The first two sessions have been extremely successful, and we are super excited about the programme going forward. 

We have been attending many schools and colleges in NSW to bring the message of the transport and logistics industry careers into the minds of students and to encourage them to think about a career in our industry. We need to concentrate on bringing this message to people at a younger age if we are going to fill the worker gap that we keep hearing about.

We would be foolish however to concentrate solely on women and girls to fill this gap, we need to continue look further afield to capture workers from our migrant and refugee population, and for those looking for career change after redundancies.

We also need to look where we can welcome those with disabilities – and how we can adapt to make this possible. Transport Women Australia Limited will be working on this post conference.

For anyone wishing to attend the conference, registration closes on May 27 at 5pm. Bookings can be made at trybooking.com/BNXOP. For further information or queries, please email  chair@transportwomen.com.au or call 0417 422 319. 

The conference will be held at the Hyatt Place Essendon Fields. It will be opened on June 3 by the Hon. Roma Britten MP and closes on Sunday June 5. We are so excited to welcome David Coleman, ‘The Dating Doctor’, for his first Australian appearance, albeit via Zoom, and we also have some surprises in store at a Saturday night dinner. We hope to see you there.

  • Jacquelene Brotherton is Chair of Transport Women Australia

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