Huge Townsville convoy raises $123k for cancer charity


A record number of 289 trucks and 49 bikes raised a massive $123,600 during the Convoy For The Cure event in Townsville yesterday.

The Lead Truck was a Mercedes from RGM Maintenance, aptly named Flash As, and raised $7345.

The company with the largest participating fleet was ABC Towing with 30 trucks raising $21,650.

The 7km long convoy took an hour to negotiate the journey.

The Small Fleet award went to Townsville Mini Loads with four trucks raising $7240.

All proceeds went to the charity The Cure Starts Now, which helps kids and families with cancer.

Convoy director Todd Martin said it was a great success.

Convoy director Todd Martin.

The trucks gathered at a marshalling area at the Bohle suburb and left at 9am with  a  police escort.

They travelled from Webb Drive, along Ingham Road, Duckworth Street, Dalrymple Road and Thuringowa Drive to then proceed up Riverway Drive finishing at Ross Dam Park.

The 7km long convoy took an hour to negotiate the 21km journey and thousands of men, women and children waved to them.

Townsville showed their support for the fundraiser.

In return, the trucks many of which had sick kids as passengers, pomped their horns  loudly.

The convoy was so long that it caused a traffic jam at one point.

Naming rights partner, radio station Power 100, broadcast the Convoy advising spectators along the route where the trucks were.

Watch out for the next issue of Big Rigs, cover date June 10, for more pics from the day.

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