Young drivers quit jobs after fines of $600 and $800

quit jobs

Many small fleet operators are having trouble getting suitable drivers – that is the information that is finding its way to Spy.

Some of the reasons seem to be fatigue laws which result in heavy fines for menial breaches.

One example of this occurred at a far northern company where two younger drivers were given jobs.

Soon after starting employment both were breached by the cops and issued with $600 and $800 fines.

Spy was told these were for breaches which could be considered clerical mistakes which had no affect on their fatigue.

They had to pay up but then quit their jobs, figuring they would be better off finding something without stringent laws.

Now the boss is having trouble hiring drivers to replace them.

I also spoke to a Victorian small fleet operator who had a similar experience.

“I have two trucks sitting in the shed because I can’t get suitable drivers. The ones I have had recently don’t seem to want to work. All I want them to do is a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay,” he said in frustration.

Another case involved an NT driver who was new to a company and was caught speeding and breached by road transport officers.

This lad went to see his boss demanding that he pay the hefty fine – his given reason being: “I was working for you when I was issued with the fine.”

Now we all know that drivers have to pay their own fines with exceptions being in very rare cases.

The boss had a swift answer: “I won’t be paying your fine as I didn’t have control over the incident as you were driving and offended,” he said.

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