Australian manufacturing alive and well at Lelox

Since the 1970s, Lelox has been manufacturing high quality stainless steel and aluminium mudguards for the heavy road transport industry. Lelox also boasts an in-house foundry which produces mounting accessories, including brackets and truck chassis pipes to varying specifications.

So what’s the key to Lelox’s success?

Lelox’s strength in the market is due to local manufacturing. Most products are in stock. Custom mudguards can be manufactured in one business day. Lelox products are then shipped, not only nationally, but worldwide.

In a time of great turmoil globally, Lelox pushes through with that Australian spirit, staying true to the mission of making good trucks look great.

In the USA, Lelox’s mounting accessories are marketed as the heavy-duty option to their locally produced products; renowned for their toughness and unwavering reliability.

Lelox is an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company, which means quality policies are stringently managed and maintained so they can best serve the trucking industry.

This eventuates to quality being the key to Lelox’s success. It is not uncommon to hear of mudguards lasting the life of the truck – like Elwin Bell from Bell’s Amusements for instance. He has had Lelox mudguards on his 2003 Western Star 4008 Constellation Series for 1.4 million kilometres!

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of change and growth at Lelox. They have invested in research and development, new machinery and new technology. They have diversified into gasket and seals manufacturing for different industries including water and power services. 

Lelox does not rest on its laurels. They have just launched a brand new product, the patented Quick Release Mudflap Clamp and Coverstrip. These new products suit stainless steel and plastic mudguards. There is also a tipper option coming out very soon. The two main takeaways of the product are style and functionality. The new product finishes off a mudguard magnificently. It accentuates the bold, tough look. The functionality of the product allows access to dual tyres, maintenance of mudflaps or quick change of mudflaps on the side of the road.

Its bright and shiny and built last – like all products Lelox produces.

With all this growth came the realisation that they needed more space. In September 2020 a larger facility was acquired and the slow transition begun. Eighteen months on and the new, bigger facility is running at full capacity. The new site is located at 100 Argyle Street South Windsor, NSW – just next door to the old facility.

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