Could this be home to Australia’s best meat pie?

Early in the year Spy ran a piece about which roadhouse in the country served up the biggest and best value for money steaks. Hundreds of truckies either replied online to Big Rigs or have since passed an opinion onto Spy. Since then scores of drivers have asked Spy to do a similar write up on which places sell the best pies.

We have already mentioned some roadhouses and another which has been receiving lots of nominations recently is the Birdsville Bakery.

Birdsville is the venue of the annual horse races and is one of the most-loved remote towns in the south-west corner of Queensland.

So I contacted the bakery by phone and spoke to manager Maggie Triffett who runs it with her partner Bruce Triffett.

“Bruce has over 40 years experience as a baker/pastry cook along with 10 years as a technical advisor to businesses servicing the industry. I come from a background of hospitality customer service. Bruce has fine-tuned recipes over the years to the point that ‘that’s the best pie/vanilla slice/cheesecake, etc I’ve ever had’ is a common catch cry in the bakery,” Maggie said.

Living and working in Birdsville certainly has its challenges according to the couple.

“Delivery trucks not arriving due to floods, frequent telecommunications breakdowns and the isolation – to name a few. The challenges however are offset by the constant stream of visitors coming to town. The whole world comes to Birdsville and never a day goes by without interesting characters wandering in to share their outback travel adventures. We’ve been flat out this morning,” Maggie said.

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