Aussie Heatwave: The heat is on to make trucks shine

Keeping trucks clean and well maintained is an essential part of running a truck – or even a fleet. Nobody particularly enjoys hours of pressure cleaning vehicles, especially the big ones. When we see ‘Big Rigs’ photographs of road trains hauling loads across the outback, you know sooner or later this vehicle has to be properly cleaned and maintained.

High pressure works

It’s undeniable that 4000 psi is more effective than 2000 or 3000 psi in any pressure washer application. That’s why when Aussie Pumps developed its Scud range (featured in Big Rigs last month), we focused on providing more pressure and using less water to achieve a faster, more efficient result.

When it comes to cleaning grease off engines, transmissions and other key gear, steam is infinitely faster and less messy than a cold high pressure wash!

The Aussie solution

“That’s how we came up with the idea of using a portable, self-contained petrol engine drive machine that combines both 4000 psi and the ability to run steam up to 130°C,” said Aussie Pump’s chief engineer, John Hales.

The Aussie Heatwave allows for variable temperature. A control panel mounted thermostat enables the operator to run cold wash at 4000 psi or at up to 130°C steam where required.   

“Most of the operators we have seen using the machines operate them between 90 and 105°C,” said Hales. That provides just as much performance as hotter temperatures and uses a lot less diesel fuel in the diesel burner that is the heart of the hot water system. 

The water pressure from the machine comes from a top quality Italian triplex pump with ceramic pistons, designed for long continuous work.

How does the heating system work?  

The Honda engine is an electric start with a charge circuit that provides enough ignition to be able to fire the diesel powered burner. Thus, the water leaving the high pressure pump is forced through a Spiralast coil, heating the liquid to the desired and set temperature as it goes through the coil and ultimately through to the high pressure hose and gun.

The machine is enclosed in a sturdy stainless steel trolley frame mounted on four steel wheels with flat free tyres and has a stainless steel cover over the horizontally mounted boiler.  

A word to the wise

How to get the best out of the Heatwave:

1. Operate on cold unless heat is necessary. There is no point using steam to wash mud off a vehicle.

2. When using steam for removing grease or stains off the vehicle, operate with only 80°C. Steam will come out of the end of the lance and it will be highly effective, produced with only a fraction of the diesel fuel consumption of running at the maximum temperature.

3. Use high pressure accessories from the Aussie range. A Turbolance on the machine with cold water for cleaning mud or debris off the vehicle will get the job done in half the time. Using a telescopic lance with up to 5.5 metres of reach will also mean you don’t need to stand on a ladder to clean high reach parts of the truck.  

4. Teaming a stainless steel high pressure reel with 30 or even 50 metres of high pressure hose, means cleaning the vehicle without having to trip over the 10 metre standard hose or having to move the machine during the wash four or five times.

For more info check out Aussie’s Blaster Blitz catalogue at aussiepumps.com.au. Truck and fleet owners qualify for special incentive discounts.

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