The smart way to check your weights

A leading player in on-board truck scales and weigh gauges, Right Weigh has now teamed up with compliance telematics provider V-DAQ to offer Australia’s first wireless smart on-board mass (OBM) management solution.

Right Weigh’s Type B approved air suspension gauge provides a connected on-board weighing system designed to help operators boost productivity, while ensuring safety and compliance is maintained. 

The smart OBM solution by Right Weigh and V-DAQ features a new driver app (available for Android) that allows operators to easily view and record real-time weights from within the cab. It’s flexible, easy to use, and enables location and mass tracking.

Right Weigh’s Type B approved air suspension gauge provides a connected on-board weighing system designed to help operators boost productivity.

Since being launched, numerous operators are seeing the benefits of combining Right Weigh’s trusted weigh gauges with V-DAQ’s smart telematics. Among them is Molloy Bros Transport and Bulk Storage.

Based in Ararat in Victoria’s south-west, it’s a family owned and operated company started by brothers Tim and Shane Molloy in 1998. Originally shearers and farmers, they began driving trucks part time. Then they bought their first truck, a Kenworth T600, and things progressed from there.

They now operate a fleet of six trucks, mostly towing B-double tippers, as well as a new road train. 

Molloy Bros – which carts grain and fertiliser throughout Victoria, and into South Australia and NSW – began using Right Weigh scales around 15 years ago, and Tim says he’s never looked back.

“We have Right Weigh’s scales fitted on all the trucks. Prior to that we were using old analogue air gauges, whereas these ones go down into small 10kg increments, so are very accurate,” Tim said.

Wanting to increase efficiency and productivity, Molloy Bros purchased a new road train, complete with a Right Weigh onboard scale connected with V-DAQ telematics. 

“By setting that one up with V-DAQ, we were able to go up from a B-double to a road train when operating within Victoria. That means we can fit more on at the same time – it’s real handy at harvest time when you’re shifting large quantities of grain,” explained Tim. “By using this system, we’ve been able to use a bigger combination, which means we’ve gone up from about 43 tonne on a B-double to 57 tonne on the road train, so it’s a big difference,” explained Tim.

“It’s got Bluetooth too, so the driver can look at the weights while in the truck cabin or at a safe distance to stay out of the dust. We’re hoping to get another road train on the road in the next couple of months, and it will use this same smart weighing system too.”

Along with the road train, Molloy Bros have three B-doubles also using the Right Weigh/V-DAQ system. “That means they can run at higher mass in NSW, so we pick up an extra 3 tonne. It doesn’t sound like a lot but over the course of a year, it’s a fair bit of extra product,” Tim added. 

He says that as well as the system being user friendly and very affordable, the teams at Right Weigh and V-DAQ offer excellent customer service too. “Leigh Noske at Right Weigh is exceptional to deal with – they provide a great service. If there is ever a problem with the gauge, they get it sorted straight away. Paul Fenech at V-DAQ is really good too. Everything happens very promptly, and their service and feedback is right on the ball.”

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