Mechanic and several truckies come to the rescue during truck fire

The actions of a Sydney mechanic and a group of truckies have ensured the safety of an unsuspecting truck driver whose wheels had caught fire while travelling the Pacific Motorway earlier this week.

Nine News reports that Jon Hutchen caught glimpse of the issue as was driving along the highway in Berowra on Tuesday afternoon and immediately alerted the driver.

“He was just literally in shock, he didn’t know what to say,” Hutchen told Nine News.

With only a small fire extinguisher on hand, he flagged down several trucks, who stopped to render assistance. Hutchen says there were eight truck drivers who pulled over, each pulling out their fire extinguishers to contain the blaze until emergency services arrived.

“Thank God the whole truck wasn’t on fire, it was just the back wheels,” Hutchen said, as thanked all of the truckies who also stopped to help.

“I’m just so glad no one got hurt and he (the truck driver) was able to get out and wasn’t hurt.”

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