Balancing your way to more fuel and tyre savings

Fuel and tyres account for over 30 per cent of total running costs in heavy vehicle combinations; with drive/trailer tyre rolling resistance responsible for 30 per cent of fuel consumption. With multiple trailer combinations, it takes more tyres and more fuel to keep these big rigs moving.

And despite these figures, a major saving that is often completely overlooked is proper wheel/brake assembly balancing. In the past, balancing trailer/drive wheels could be labour-intensive and not very cost effective – but that’s no longer the case.

Centramatic Australia has developed a cost-effective solution that makes it easy to permanently balance all your trailer/drive wheels in order to dramatically reduce your bottom line when it comes to tyre and fuel costs.

Centramatic balance rings continually auto balance the rotating mass of the wheel/brake assembly, which reduces vibration, increases tyre life, reduces tyre cupping, improves fuel consumption, extends suspension life and minimises driver fatigue.

Centramatic balanced wheels run cooler and reduce road friction resistance, resulting in less horsepower and fuel being used.

By bolting a Centramatic trailer balancer in between the dual wheels you can permanently balance all four wheels per axle – with only two balancers. This will reduce your tyre and fuel costs.

In going from the typical non balanced wheel condition to Centramatic’s automatic balancing of all wheels on trailers and drive, you can expect to see an increased tyre life of 25-50 per cent. It also eliminates tyre scalloping and results in a 2-5 per cent fuel saving by reducing road friction resistance and rolling resistance caused by the pounding effect of the unbalanced wheel. This means less horsepower and fuel are required to keep the truck rolling.

An added advantage is that Centramatic balance rings also result in less vibration effects on components like wheel nuts, bearings and suspension components. To add, there is less trailer bounce and enhanced braking, reducing wheel lock up – which can contribute to flat spotting and scalloping tyres.

Low deck trailers running low profile or 19” wheels are some of the worst offenders for pulling tyres off early due to large, deep scallops. The balancers usually pay for themselves in less than two sets of tyres – so stop throwing money away and try a set on your problem trailer.

With a life expectancy tested to over three million kilometres, Centramatic balancers are a cost-effective way to save on tyre and fuel costs. 

Centramatic trailer balancers have the highest capacity counterbalance available. For example, its 22.5” balancers have approximately 750 grams of movable weight along with the largest cooling surface area, which is around five times the capacity of other comparable products on the market. 

There are dramatic benefits to be gained in tyre life, fuel consumption and driver comfort when a truck wheel is permanently and completely balanced.

There are different forms of balancing like using lead weights, liquid balancer or in tyre beads. Each has its own downfalls and either can’t change with tyre wear or capacity is insufficient.

Centramatic believes it has the key to the most cost-effective solution to permanently balance all steer, drive and trailer wheels with more capacity than the average counteraction weight needed to balance any wheel.

The Centramatic balancers work by deflection to position small Durametal balls in oil to oppose the imbalance in the wheel assembly. They do not use less effective mercury which can be harmful if released into the environment due to a leak or accident. 

Due to Centramatic balancers having the largest capacity in the industry, it is the only on-board balancer that has independent scientific proof of actually saving fuel. Others say it, but can’t back it up. 

For more information, please visit the website at centramatic.com.au.

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