Fifth wheels delivered within days, not months

Truck specialist at Daimler Trucks Toowoomba, Darren Bellamy, says the dealership was experiencing a supply issue with fifth wheels via their regular provider. “So we went looking for an alternative. That’s how we got a hold of Paul and the guys at Carey Industrial, the south-east Queensland distributor for Hyva-Fontaine fifth wheels,” he said.

Previously, Daimler Trucks Toowoomba was exclusively using an alternate brand of fifth wheel for Crick Transport Group P/L at its Toowoomba location. But Bellamy says the quality of Hyva-Fontaine fifth wheels is on par with other fifth wheel brands they’ve used. 

“The unique advantage in purchasing Hyva-Fontaine fifth wheels over competing brands is the quick turnaround time in ordering and receiving stock from Carey Industrial,” he added. 

Since working with Carey Industrial, Daimler Trucks Toowoomba has not changed over to other fifth wheel suppliers. 

Bellamy says Carey’s Industrial’s ability to source and deliver fifth wheels within three days is significantly faster compared to most of other suppliers who had a three month wait.

“We’ve had no negative feedback on Hyva-Fontaine fifth wheels from our customers, which I consider to be a good thing. Recently, we have had a customer specifically request a Hyva-Fontaine fifth wheel for his new truck as he’s been using Fontaine fifth wheels for over 20 years and never experienced a failure,” explained Bellamy.

“The product, service and support we have received from Carey Industrial and Hyva-Fontaine is 11 out of 10. First and foremost, the contact with this supplier is consistent, which is not always the case with other providers.”

Paul Dow from Carey Industrial is the dealership’s main contact for Hyva-Fontaine fifth wheel sales and support. “He provides excellent service by calling every fortnight to check in if he has not heard from us, asking if there is anything he can do or if we need help with anything,” Bellamy said.

“Recently, we had an issue with a concerned customer (not an issue with the Hyva-Fontaine fifth wheel product itself). Darren Stocks, from Hyva Pacific, personally handled the situation by calling our customer, further proving the product and service support for the Hyva-Fontaine product is second to none. 

“The Hyva-Fontaine fifth wheel is an exceptional product, accompanied with exceptional service, and exceptional delivery. I’ve never experienced this level of service from any other supplier, and I have been selling trucks and heavy vehicles for seven years, across six brands and in three different locations in two different states.

“I would rate my Hyva-Fontaine fifth wheel purchasing experience with Carey Industrial a 6 out of 5 stars. I have recommended Carey Industrial over other companies selling a comparable fifth wheel product and will continue to do so.” 

For more information, please visit careyindustrial.com.au or call (07) 3715 1300.

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