WA transport company fined $89,000 for fatigue breaches

A transport company that was operating out of Karratha and Perth has been fined a total of $89,000 after being convicted on 24 charges under the state’s workplace fatigue management laws.

JSS Logistics Pty Ltd – a privately owned company that primarily transported machinery and portable buildings – pleaded guilty to breaching fatigue management regulations and was fined in the Midland Magistrates Court.

A total of 21 charges related to breaches of hours of work fatigue regulations, for which JSS was given a global penalty of $80,000. For a further three charges of breaching record keeping regulations the company was fined $9000.

The charges related to ten of the 26 commercial vehicle drivers employed by the company at the time.

WorkSafe inspectors launched an investigation into the company’s fatigue management, focusing on auditing the ten drivers’ work time, non-work time and short breaks over a four-month period.

The audit found the company’s drivers did not have the rest breaks and non-work time required by the regulations, and that the required records were not kept to the standard required by law.

JSS Logistics is no longer trading after being sold in December 2021.

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