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VIDEO: Roadhouse cleans up its act

A video earlier this year by Road Train Adventures compared this roadhouse’s showers to something out of a horror movie, but following a major upgrade, they’ve now been given a big thumb’s up.

New upgrades to the showers and bathrooms at BP/OTR Ceduna, SA have reportedly cost around the $60,000 mark.

The roadhouse was at the centre of a YouTube video called ‘Ceduna OTR – Are these the worst showers in Australia for a truckstop?’ which has racked up over 9400 views to date.

The video showed the filthy state of the showers, rubbish that had been on the floor for weeks, leaking taps, sinks that are constantly getting blocked and washing machines that are forever out of order.

In the video description, Road Train Adventures said, “I’ve done a few roadhouse reviews but this roadhouse just doesn’t get better. About 1 year ago the showers were closed for ‘renovations’. Well that’s what the sign said on the closed door. Once finished, I was excited to see how they had fixed the showers up but upon entering, nothing had changed…”

But now, it looks like the roadhouse has turned over a new leaf.

Here’s a tour of the new facilities:

And here’s what they looked before:

Senator Glenn Sterle, who has been behind a major campaign to clean up Australia’s roadhouses – with improved conditions reported at over 60 sites and counting – said BP/OTR Ceduna was one of the sites he had received the complaints about in recent months.

“We managed to fix the situation with the washing machines with new ones being installed earlier this year however there continued to be an issue with the shower and toilet amenities,” said Sterle.

“After sending regular queries to BP management who were in contact with OTR, I was very pleased to be tagged in a video by Road Train Adventures recently with news of a refurbishment. According to Johnno, apparently management have spent $60k on fixing up the amenities for drivers and they look absolutely fantastic!

“Well done to Johnno and Road Train Adventures for covering this as well as BP and OTR for recognising the importance of better standards for our essential truckies and making improvements where needed and as required.”

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