Hay run heroes spread Christmas in July cheer

Need For Feed will be at it again next month, with a Christmas in July themed hay run that will deliver toys and games to kids affected by recent floods, in addition to hay and other items.

The hay run will depart on July 22, bound for the Northern Rivers in NSW. This will be the sixth major hay run into the area from the group since the region was devastated by flooding earlier this year.

Along with the regular hay runs it has organised, Need For Feed has also had trucks heading up almost every week, driven by volunteers who deliver donated hay and care packs to affected farmers and their families.

As Need For Feed founder Graham Cockerell explains, it’s not only the farmers who have been impacted – it’s their entire family, including their children. “Their whole families have been through a lot and kids are affected as well as the parents. We usually do take stuff for the kids up with us, but this time we’ll really be focusing on it. The dates will coincide with it being near enough to July 25 for Christmas in July,” he said.

“When farmers register with Need For Feed for assistance, one of the questions we ask them is if they have any kids and what their ages are, so the toys and games will go out with those deliveries.

“We’ve already got lots of stuff for little kids but need more for the older kids. It can be hard to work out because until someone registers for assistance, you don’t know the ages or genders of the kids, so things like balls and board games are really great.”

For those wanting to donate items, Cockerell says the best way is to get in contact via the Need For Feed Australia Facebook page or email

If you have a truck and would like to donate your time, please click here. Fuel for trucks, along with meals and drinks for crew are covered.

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