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A rewarding career change and a bit more balance

There’s no doubt about it: truckies tend to work fairly long hours. According to Monash University’s ‘Driving Health Study’, over half of the truckies surveyed work between 41-60 hours per week, and 37.5 per cent work over 60 hours per week. 

Of course, if you’re a truck driver, you know all too well that the job means long hours on the road and quality time away from family and friends. One thing many aren’t prepared for is the loneliness caused by lengthy stretches of time on the road completely solo.

For some people, solitude sounds like bliss! For others, particularly drivers who have spent years driving heavy vehicles week in and week out, the demands of truck driving can lead to a search for more balance. Some drivers start visualising more consistency in their career: fewer weekends away from home, and more time spent with family and community. 

For truckies considering a career change, but not wanting to completely jump industries, a role in driver training is a highly attractive option. 

Armstrongs Driver Education has been delivering high-quality heavy vehicle training and assessment for over 50 years. The team has trained thousands of heavy vehicle drivers over the years, and has even welcomed many graduates into the business as driver trainers. 

Armstrongs CEO Craig Nicholson said, “The great thing about jumping from driving to a training role with Armstrongs is that you only essentially need three things: a current and valid heavy vehicle driver’s license, 12 or more months of experience driving trucks or buses, and the right personality and attitude to be a great trainer. 

“We are always on the lookout for the best trainers and assessors to join our friendly team and we currently have a number of full-time positions available for individuals with the right outlook.

“The type of person that makes a great driver trainer is someone who loves a challenge, is a great communicator and team player, and someone who makes connections with others easily.”

Armstrongs puts its people at the centre of what it does, investing heavily in training and upskilling staff. Once hired, each new trainer is put through a two-year professional development program, which includes a nationally recognised TAE (Training & Assessment) Course.

Here’s what a few current team members have to say about working at Armstrongs:

Armstrongs heavy vehicle trainer Emma.

“It’s really rewarding; a great team, we’re all very different and quite diverse. It’s good fun coming to work every day. I love working for Armstrongs. It’s rewarding and it’s a great, fun job,” said Emma, Armstrongs heavy vehicle trainer.

“I originally came to do a course at Armstrongs and they asked me to start working for them. I’ve been with them for 13 years. It’s a great environment with great personalities and a very fulfilling job. Work/life balance in Armstrongs is fantastic,” added Sean, Armstrongs heavy vehicle trainer.

If you think you have what it takes to become a valued member of the Armstrongs team and want to work with an organisation that prides itself on developing people, head to the careers page at

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