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Injectronics has solutions for the heavy-duty sector

You can repair electronic control module and mechatronic issues rather than overspend on new equipment.

Commercial trucks, agricultural, heavy and industrial equipment tend to keep Australia moving, and that includes bobcats, excavators, combine harvesters, tractors, bulldozers – as well as buses and coaches.

If you run one of these or even a fleet, and you experience electrical or mechatronic issues resulting in down time, there is an alternative to new OEM parts. In fact, more often today we find the new part may not even be available, and a repair is not only a good alternative, but the only real solution. 

Injectronics has the answer when it comes to offering a range of priority repair solutions for heavy commercial vehicles. Since 1984, Injectronics has been providing supply solutions for electronic and mechatronic components to the automotive aftermarket and original equipment manufacturers. 

Repairing can be faster and less expensive than purchasing a new unit. The repair service also supports modules that require programming and can, in many cases, retain or copy programming data into the repaired or replacement module. This service avoids the need to reprogram the module back into the vehicle and delivers not only a fast repair, but also one that is cost-effective.

Electronic or mechatronic components are constantly changing, so if you need to interpret fault codes, understand adjustments and programming procedures or want to know about commonly reported faults, the Injectronics’ team of scientists, programmers and engineers are here to help you.

There are several ways that you can get in touch with the Injectronics tech support team. You can email or phone 1300 308 060. You can also live chat with one of our customer service representatives by simply visiting the website at

Mercedes / MAN ML-PLD Control Unit Repair Service

The Temic ML-PLD control unit is fitted to many heavy vehicles including Mercedes-Benz Actros, Atego, and Vario models. Injectronics has been presented with many of these units having several common issues including:

  No power to injectors

  Running rough

• Dropping cylinders when warm

  No start

• One injector bank not functioning

• Fault code 4906 – “The feedback of the second-row plunger pump is short on the weight”

To overcome both the supply availability and programming challenges of late model ECUs, Injectronics offers a unique repair service solution to the original product failure. 

Injectronics can repair these units for the common faults listed and offer a time and cost saving solution. 

Kenworth Climate Control Unit Repair Service (pictured above)

Keeping the cabin temperature regulated in your truck is crucial. Injectronics has seen many Kenworth climate control units fail. As these units are becoming extremely difficult to source new, Injectronics now has a solution.

Some of the common faults seen include: 

• Unable to control air direction

• Unable to adjust temperature

• Heater fan inoperative

• Air-conditioner compressor not activating

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