Stranded interstate truckie overwhelmed by act of kindness


Leeton truckie Justin Coggan had never met Queensland truckies’ advocate Wes Walker before the weekend – but is glad their paths crossed when they did.

Coggan was hauling an AB-triple load of produce to the Brisbane markets for employer Galluzzo Bros. Transport when his clutch broke half-way down the Toowoomba Range.

Towed to the nearby Gatton pads, the site that Walker routinely patrols as he continues his relentless campaign for toilets and other basic improvements there, the pair soon struck up a conversation.

When Walker discovered Coggan hadn’t yet had time to organise a place to stay while he waited for his truck to be fixed, he didn’t hesitate to offer the stranded truckie a bed and hot meal for the night.

“That Wes Walker, he’s got a heart of gold,” said a grateful Coggan who called Big Rigs to share the story.

“He didn’t know me from a bar of soap, but he went out of his way to help me. It was unbelievable.”

It’s not the first time the devoted disability pensioner has come to the rescue of drivers at the busy decoupling facility.

In late May, Walker also saved the day by doubling the parking capacity there as heavy rain closed the Warrego Highway forcing dozens of truckies to take refuge.

Meanwhile, the well-travelled Coggan also can’t believe that the costly Gatton site is still without toilets more than 14 months after it first opened, and is fully supportive of Walker’s long-running battle with the Department of Transport and Main Roads to have them installed.

Wes Walker (left) and a truckie hold up sign during the early days of his campaigning. Photo: Facebook

“It’s the only one I’ve been to that doesn’t have them,” Coggan said.

“Even all the little ones down the coast have toilets – it doesn’t make sense.”

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