WA roadhouse a popular truckie stop

Since becoming manager of the Windmill Roadhouse in WA about 18 months ago Amanda Daley has earned the nickname of ‘Chatty’. That’s because Daley loves having a chat to the truck drivers who stop there daily.

“We would average about 30 trucks a day stopping here and they are very friendly and enjoy a chat and a laugh. They come from many parts of Australia. Most of them order our Windmill Hamburgers which have the works and are about twice the size of normal ones,” she said.

Liberty Windmill Roadhouse is located at Regans Ford and is 115km north of Perth along the Brand Highway.

“It is named because we have a giant windmill here which pumps water,” Daley said.

The roadhouse has toilets and showers which are being renovated and plenty of parking with enough space for three trailers to run around. It is open from 6.30am to 5pm on weekdays and from 7.30am until 5pm on Saturday, with closing time at 4pm on Sunday.

Several truck drivers sent Spy pics of the roadhouse and we could see from all the water out front it had been raining around there.

“Yes there has been plenty of heavy rain,” Daley said.

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